Founder President

The Founder President of the Club, Bob Simson (Designation - Electronic Services; now retired) continues to be a stalwart member of Howe of Fife and an excellent example of the Rotary ethos in action.

Bob wrote an illuminating and amusing article for the District magazine in June 1991 ("Reflections of a Rookie Rotarian"), describing the process for the foundation of the club and some of the highlights of his year in office.

A key highlight for Bob and the other founding members was the presentation of the Charter to the club and the associated Charter Dinner on 21 August 1990 in the Corn Exchange, Cupar, and his inauguration as Founder President. (See "Our History for more details.)

Bob wrote: "The toast 'The Rotary Club of the Howe of Fife and Welcome into Rotary International' was proposed by President of RIBI Tony Moore with a most inspiring address........I rose to my feet with considerable trepidation to reply to the President's toast and welcome. My concern was unfounded, since I received an extremely sympathetic hearing from all my new friends."

Club Archivist Paul Northway has a copy of the magazine in question, should any members or other Rotarians wish to see it.