Christmas Dinner

The Christmas Dinner meeting was held at The Village Inn, Pitlessie on 16th December 2008 at 1745.  President Graeme Bain was in the chair and welcomed all 55 persons present, over half of whom were guests.

After our meal, a certificate was presented to our Citizen of the Year 2008, Margaret Sutherland.

Then President Graeme presented our District Govenor, our own David Rankin, with a certificate to mark the award of the Paul Harris Fellowship. (Again see separate article.)

The raffle was then drawn, with the bottle of whisky going to Joan Potts and the second prize to Dennis Beattie. The raffle raised 132 pounds.

Then the draw was made for the week's holiday at a cottage owned by one of our fellow Rotarians - this year the winner was Bronwyn Beattie, Dennis' wife!

A good time was had by all
A good time was had by all
Allo Allo to Cupar Opera
Allo Allo to Cupar Opera

As a climax to the evening, we were then thoroughly entertained by the Cupar Amateur Dramatic Society (CAMS) who gave us their interpretation of 'Allo 'Allo entitled Adieu, Adieu!

The original script for this sketch was written some time ago by Evie Alexander, the aunt of one of our long-standing Members, Sandy Green. During 2008, CAMS members had added suitable (!) songs to appropriate parts of the script and had included the sketch in their summer concert programme.

Names had been altered to ensure there was no invasion of copyright, but the characters were nevertheless clearly recognisable. We found ourselves as customers at "Cafe Grene", along with assorted German officers, Gestapo, British airmen and the odd policeman - together with the cafe's regular occupants and staff.

CAMS maintained their usual very high standard in acting, singing and dancing, and once we had all recovered, President Graeme expressed Howe of Fife's thanks to the company for the superb entertainment provided.

Those taking part were :

Grene ------------------- Raymond Young
Madame Didi ----------- Janette Petrie
Rachel ------------------ Anna Kernachan
British airman ----------- Keldon Peterson
Michelle ---------------- Ruth Anderson
Herr Click -------------- Gordon Wood
Olga -------------------- Joan Wood
Colonel Screwbar ------ Philip Pontin
Lieutenant von Panzi ---- John Wilson
Grandmama ------------ Fay Laird
Undertaker ------------- Bill Gillan
Gendarme -------------- Lindsay Petrie
Dancers ---------------- Louise Middleton
------------------------- Andrew Doig
------------------------- Neil Jarrett

Musical Director ------- Kate Doig
Director ---------------- Linda Greene