World Virtual Tour

Along with many of the projects that the club was involved with in the Rotary year leading up to the Centenary of Rotary in 2004-5 the International committee came up with the idea of a "World Tour" to celebrate the "international" and global work of the movement. This would be a virtual tour, making regular contact with clubs on the internet and would follow a semi-realistic travel itinerary around the world. We have no date to be home by, and can be waylaid and sidetracked as our interest in an area develops.

Beginning in October 2003 we have so far travelled through South and North America and have now crossed into Asia and headed south to Australia. We have invariably received a warm and interesting welcome from the clubs we have contacted and been amazed at the breadth of activities they undertake. We have found clubs to be so different in the way they operate and assist their communities, yet all are linked in the common principle of Rotary Service.

Language barriers have been surmounted and we have learned a great deal on our travels - not least has been a great improvement in everyone's knowledge of Geography!

Finally we have found this has been a real substitute for the limited international contact we enjoy, as we are a small rural club and though close to the bigger towns of the area, Rotarian visitors are naturally first drawn to the more convenient clubs of nearby Edinburgh or St Andrews. We know how our own meetings are always the brighter from having guests amongst us and we hope our indirect visits have a similar effect.

We thank all those who have assisted us so far on our travels, your interest and information has been much appreciated. Hopefully someday our clubs may make more real contact, but in the meantime we extend a very warm welcome to all visiting Rotarians who may in future come to Scotland.

Feel free to join us and follow our travels on the map and even drop in on the clubs we have visited by clicking on the club names listed below.

1: The Rotary Club of Waterford Eire
Visited 24th Oct 2003

2: The Rotary Club of Charlottetown Royalty Prince Edward Island Canada
Visited 11th Nov 2003

3: The Rotary Club of Essex Vermont USA
Visited 9th Dec 2003


4: The Rotary Club of Ithaca New York USA
Visited 13th Jan 2004

5: The Rotary Club of Lawrenceburg Tennessee USA
Visited 10th Feb 2004

6: The Rotary Club of Amarillo Texas USA
Visited 9th March 2004

7: The Rotary Club of Cancun Mexico
Visited 13th April 2004

8: The Rotary Club of Puerto Cabello Venezuela
Visited 18th May 2004

9: The Rotary Club of Itabuna Sul Bahia Brazil
Visited 26th June 2004

10: The Rotary Club of Villa Urquiza Buenos Aires Argentina
Visited 27th July 2004

11: The Rotary Club of San Vincente Santa Fe Argentina
Visited 26th Oct 2004

12: The Rotary Club of Temuco Frontera Chile
Visited 30th Nov 2004

13: The Rotary Club Tingo Maria Peru
Visited 1st Jan 2005

14: The Rotary Club of Quito Ecuador
Visited 1st March 2005

15: The Rotary Club of Scottsdale Phoenix Arizona USA
Visited 3rd May 2005

16: The Rotary Club of Reno Sunrise Reno Nevada USA
Visited 12th July 2005

17: The Rotary Club of Scott Valley Fort Jones California USA
Visited 16th August 2005

18: The Rotary Club of McMinnville McMinnville Oregon USA
Visited 7th February 2006

19: The Rotary Club of Boise Boise Idaho USA
Visited 11th April 2006

20: The Rotary Club of Missoula Missoula Montana USA
Visited 12th September 2006

21: The Rotary Club of Minot Minot North Dakota USA
Visited 17th October 2006

22: The Rotary Club of Steveston Steveston British Columbia Canada
Visited 27th February 2007

23: The Rotary Club of Juneau Juneau Alaska USA
Visited 24th April 2007

24: The Rotary Club of Whitehorse Whitehorse Yukon Canada
Visited 24th July 2007

25: The Rotary Club of Homer - Katchemak Bay Homer - Katchemak Bay Alaska USA
Visited 27th November 2007

26: The Rotary Club of Vladivostok Central Primorskii Krai Russia
Visited 28th March 2008

27: The Rotary Club of Myazaki-Kita Myazaki City Kyussu Japan
Visited 14th August 2008

28: The Rotary Club of Beijing Beijing China
Visited 18th November 2008

29: The Rotary Club of Hong Kong South Hong Kong South
Visited 17th February 2009

30: The Rotary Club of Singapore Singapore
Visited 8th September 2009

31: The Rotary Club of Darwin Sunrise Darwin Australia
Visited 15th December 2009

32: The Rotary Club of Bundaburg East Queensland, Australia
Visited 23rd February 2010

33: The Rotary Club of Maleny Queensland, Australia

Visited 29th June 2010

34: The Rotary Club of Wellington South Wellington New Zealand
Visited 7th December 2010