Club Welcomes New President 

Rod McCall - President 2010/11



For the Howe of Fife Rotary Club, 2009/10 was another very successful year.  Under the Presidency of Dennis Beattie, the club had welcomed six new members, raising membership to a total of 39, while Treasurer, David Jack, was able to report that the previous year’s activities had raised nearly £16,000: about £500 per member. Money from the charities’ fund had had an impact on places as far apart as Chimwemwe in Malawi and Chernobyl in Russia; and causes as diverse as the Parkinson’s Disease Society and PolioPlus, as well as President Dennis’ own chosen charities, Multiple Sclerosis and DebRA, and many more. 


In relinquishing the chain of office to incoming President Rod McCall, President Dennis thanked all members for their support throughout the year, a year that had brought him great personal satisfaction, as well as continued enjoyment in the fellowship of club members. Thanking Dennis for all his efforts, President Rod McCall said he looked forward to another successful year in 2010/11 for the Rotary Club of the Howe of Fife, with the help of fellow office-bearers, Vice- President David Martin and Junior Vice-President Ann Bain.


Assistant Governor Harry Leadbitter, who was present at the handover to award Dennis his Presidential Citation, praised the club’s efforts in raising so much money for their charities’ fund: “an astonishing amount for such a small club,” he commented, “ one that is always welcoming, and whose members obviously get fun and enjoyment from all they do,” he continued.  He finished by thanking outgoing President Dennis and wishing incoming President Rod every success for his term of office.