Gavel 2010-11

Round 1 matches :

 September 22nd   Won  Home  vs  Cupar
 October 27th     Won  Away  vs  St Andrews
 November 10th  Won  Away  vs  St Andrews Kilrymont
 November 23rd  Lost  Home  vs  Anstruther
 Round Result  Won 3  Lost 1    

   Round 2 :

 March 22nd Lost  Home  vs  Aberfeldy


Round 2 vs Aberfeldy at Pitlessie
Round 2 vs Aberfeldy at Pitlessie
22nd March 2011

At home vs Aberfeldy

Team: Ann Bain, Sandy Rennie, David Rankin, Robin Rippin, Monique Sanders, Bob Henderson, David Jack and Charles Dickinson
How the Howe went up .... and down!

The evening started well for the Howe, winning round 1 by 6-2, and the second round 8-0 making it 14-2 at half time! Something went badly wrong and the second half was lost 2-14 making the end of normal time 16-16!

Extra time was called for - toss of a coin rejected - and we all had to have one put at Bill's bird house. Out of 16 players, only one scored any points, and he was from Aberfeldy! The Howe players said that they did not want to travel to the far north in round 3, but deep down they were gutted.

Aberfeldy faced their long drive home fortified in the knowledge that they were through to the next round - and also by the tea and cakes provided by the staff of The Village Inn!

For the Howe, well there is always next year. Its a good way to meet other clubs and to get to know your fellow rotarians better.
Game 4 vs Anstruther at Pitlessie
Game 4 vs Anstruther at Pitlessie
Tuesday 23rd November 2010

Team: John Kerr, Sandy Matthew, Barbara Acheson, David Rankin, Robin Rippin and Charles Dickinson

The evening started with the Anstruther team announcing that they only had six players, not the normal eight! We immediately sent two of our team home and dropped our best event, pool! The remaining three events (dominoes, connect4 and putting) were setup in the dinning room and battle commenced. The first two rounds went in favour of the Howe who led 8-4. Anstruther needed to win all the round three matches to secure victory. Rather depressingly, they did it and won the day 8-10. Howe members could not believe it! The complete reverse of the previous match where the Howe can from behind to win.... Congratulations were followed by coffee and cakes.
Game 3 vs St Andrews Kilrymont at St Andrews Bowling Club
Game 3 vs St Andrews Kilrymont at St Andrews Bowling Club

Team: Bill Inglis, Barbara Acheson, Bob Henderson, Robin Rippin, John Kerr, Sandy Green, David Jack and Charles Dickinson

Different games were in evidence tonight! Table football, Bowls (with a mid lane spoiler!) as well as putting and dominoes.
We did not dare to ask the score until after three rounds had been played, but we knew things were not going well. Kilrymont were then undefeated in the table football and had done well in all the other games. The Howe were just picking up the pieces with the score at 14-10 to Kilrymont.
However, the fourth round saw a Howe revival! First Leader Bill Inglis and Charles Dickinson won the football 5-1 thanks to an attacking goalkeeper. Then Sandy Green and Bob Henderson won the dominoes, John Kerr and Robin Rippin halved the putting and finally, with the score at 15-15, Barbara Acheson and David Jack won the bowls!
A triumphant victory 17-15 to leave the Howe undefeated with one game to play!

Come on Anstruther!
Game 2 vs St Andrews at The Scores
Game 2 vs St Andrews at The Scores

Team: Bill Inglis, Sandy Green, Graeme Bain, David Rankin, Robin Rippin, David Jack, Sandy Matthew and Charles Dickinson

Result: St Andrews 11 Howe of Fife 21

After a dream start winning all the first four matches, the Howe did their best to achieve a turn-around. However St Andrews failed to rise to the challenge and gave the Howe their best start to the competition in many years, having won 2 out of 2!
Game 1 vs Cupar at Pitlessie
Game 1 vs Cupar at Pitlessie

Team: Graeme Bain, James Storrar, Sandy Rennie, Robin Rippin, Peter Whyte, Sandy Green, Monique Sanders, Bob Henderson

We won!