October 2010

Chimwemwe Update                Issue 2 




To our October Focus, in which we tell you stories of some girls who have managed to rise up from difficult challenges to face life with hope. We are always grateful to your support and we hope that through this issue, we will be able to bring you closer to the children who you are supporting.


Girls Rise above Rubble

Felistus( middle) and her sister, left, with their friend Norah in their new school uniforms are happy  to be back in school. Thanks to your support!

A secure environment is helpful for the development of children and young people. One example of such an environment is found in schools. Although this is the case, there are many children in Malawi who are still missing out on primary education despite it being free.  This is because children are required to wear uniforms and must pay school development fund. These are demands that most parents and guardians cannot afford to meet.

In this month, Chimwemwe has helped nine children to return back to school. Three of these children are Felistus, and her two young sisters. Their home has been piles of rubble for a couple of years now. The children have lived like orphans although they have both parents alive. Felistus’ parents separated; the mother left her and her sisters with their father who later left, promising them that he was going to look for a job. 20 months down the road, he is nowhere to be seen. This situation has forced Felistus to assume the parental roles of feeding and sending her and her sisters to school. For sometime, the children have been struggling until Chimwemwe intervened into their situation. With the support from friends and well-wishers both from here and the UK, Chimwemwe has provided school uniforms and has arranged to provide food for their home. The head teacher from Mlambalala Primary school, where Felistus and her sisters are schooling is very thankful to Chimwemwe for saving the children from dangers that emerge because of poverty and lack of education. Mrs. Wandale, the head teacher says,

“I appreciate the work Chimwemwe is doing with many vulnerable children in Blantyre and my school in particular. Without support, children become prone to HIV/AIDS and die early. Thanks to Chimwemwe for lifting these girls from the rubble they have been trapped in for ages”.

Chimwemwe’s plan is to support Felistus and her siblings on a long term basis while working hard to find their relations who can assume some responsibilities to care for them while they concentrate on their studies.


Helpless Phillip Finds Hope

Many of us find ourselves in situations where cruel, unfortunate experiences seem to be the norm. We feel powerless to act for ourselves. We may wonder how we got there or why. Phillip, a 12 year old boy found himself begging in the township of Manasseh. His father died three years ago and his mother works tirelessly collecting river sand to sell in order to support her three children. Chimwemwe volunteers met Phillip begging to supplement the earnings of his mother. After building a good relationship with him and his family he, together with her two young brothers Peter and Precious, have been helped to return to school. It is pleasing to see them attending school regularly. 




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