25 June 2013 Club Assembly

An important duty for outgoing President Sandy Davis prior to demitting office was to present the Silver Quaich to member Wilf Cameron in recognition of his contribution of service to the Club over the year. President Sandy then formally handed over to incoming new President Peter Whyte.

Sandy Davis is shown passing the badge of office to incoming 2013-2014 President Peter Whyte.

18 June 2013

This evenings meeting was attended by Sheila Paige, a lead member of the developing community facility that is Off The Rails ArtHouse, Ladybank.  Sheila had previously spoken to members about the work going on to develop the unused spaces at Network Rail's Ladybank Station into a suite of studios and rooms for creative and community use. The Club had agreed to support the initiative by meeting the major costs of repairing and refurbishing the main door of their premises. The image above shows President, Sandy Davis presenting Sheila with a cheque for £450.00 as our contribution to the work on the door.

15 June 2013

DG Cath poses with the team from Falkland PS

The atmosphere was tense with excitement in the top floor of the Nelson Stand of Perth Racecourse on the afternoon of Sat5 June 2013. But the 300 or so people gathered there were not awaiting the off in an important race, but getting ready for the Quizmaster to announce the entrance of the 64 competitors for the Grand Final of Rotary’s District 1010 (North Scotland) Primary School Quiz.
Sixteen primary schools – two from each of the eight zones in District 1010 – were all that remained of the 500 or so schools that had entered teams into the competition, which started in February. Teams had travelled from as far away as the Black Isle and the Isle of Skye, and there were four teams representing the two Rotary Zones in Fife. Viewlands Primary School in Perth, the first to be introduced to the audience, may well have considered themselves local favourites.
The rules were carefully explained; 10 rounds of 6 questions, 2 points for a correct answer, 1 at the discretion of the adjudicator for being almost correct. A tie-break round would be held in the event of a draw, with ‘sudden death’ questions if necessary. This was clearly serious stuff, and the audience was requested to refrain from whispering the answers to each other – if for no other reason than that they might well be wrong!
After the completed papers from the second round had been collected, answers to Round 1 () were given and the top five scores were then put up on the leader board. Local favourites Viewlands were indeed out in front, but, not to worry, Ceres and Falkland were up there, too.
The leader board after Round 2 had Viewlands sharing the lead with Portree Primary School, Ceres was still there, but Falkland had slipped below the top 5. But how far?
Falkland’s supporters were encouraged when their team got back in contention after Round 3, but Ceres had slipped back and was thereafter unable to make up the lost ground. Falkland, however, kept in the race, and by the end of Round 7 when District Governor Cath Chorley announced the scores, all five leading teams were tied. Cath asked husband Stephen, who was in charge of collating the scores, whether any others had the same tally. These five teams were indeed out in front on their own, was the response.
Tension mounted as the final round, a picture round, drew to a close. The answers to Round 9 (Sport) were given and the all-important leader board revealed that Falkland was tied for second place, just one point off the lead.
DG Cath took the opportunity to tell the audience a little about Rotary Youth Programmes – Young Chef got a mention – while the adjudicating team busied themselves behind the scenes. Then came the announcement that a tie-break round was going to be necessary to separate two teams in joint second place. But which teams? And then we heard it, Crown Primary School Inverness was tied with Falkland. This news was tinged with a little disappointment that they had been pipped at the post, but then second or third place out of a field of 500 was no mean achievement.
Once the tie-break round had been marked, Cath announced that St Margaret’s Primary School, Dunfermline, had won the competition – and a cheque for £500 to buy school equipment. Crown PS took second place and £300, while Falkland earned £200 for school funds.

11 June 2013


Members were delighted by a talk by Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioner, Clare Logan, about hr voluntary work on the west Hiatian island of Isle de la Gonave, where a new hospital is due to open in September 2013.
This will mark the culmination of three years’ work by Dunfermline-based charity, LemonAaid who first approached Clare to join their aid scheme in 2011. Clare – who works on the children’s ward at the St. John Hospital, Livingston – summed up conditions on la Gonave at that time as “abject poverty”.   Once an off-shore prison, the island is reef-fringed, hilly, but utterly barren since its trees were cut down and sold to the US.  Health care was rudimentary to non-existent.
Since that first trip in 2011, Clare has visited twice more and participated in the gradual improvement of life on the island.   Once the trust of the locals was won, the aid workers (nick-named ‘les blancs’) set up a program of vaccinations,  health checks and education; installed three new water systems; established an orphanage; and constructed the nearly completed hospital with the help of local men, after first training them in building methods.  Now Clare continues to be an enthusiastic part of the team, passing on her skills and medical knowledge to local trainees with the help of a translator. 
“I found they already had quite a lot of knowledge, but were keen to learn more,” Clare said.  With her notes translated into Haitian Creole, Clare has had the pleasure of watching her students put theory into practice. Her presentation was heart-warming and a salutary reminder of the many peoples in world less fortunate than ourselves.


8 June 2013

President Sandy went along to the Fun Day held at Kettle Park on Saturday afternoon, 8th June. The event was held in aid of Tiernen Kerr, a 5-year old Glenrothes boy who is suffering from leukemia. The Kettle Community Park Project had a stall to help with their fundraising. The Park Project has been chosen as this year's Presidential Charity, and the photograph shows Sandy handing over a cheque for a thousand pounds to Heather Wyse. Also present are Keith Dunbavin, Archie Dunbavin, Jane Downie and Iain Donaldson.

4 June 2013

Laura Heinrichs, an Ambassadorial Scholar from the Rhineland area of Gemany, visited the Club in company with her host counsellor, Fiona Wells of the St Andrews Kilrymont Club. Laura gave a most impressive talk and tackled some pretty probing questions from Howe members. We wish her well for the remainder of her time at the University of St Andrews and look forward to hearing news of her future career.

28 May 2013

A great occasion tonight - our annual gathering of gastronomy prepared and served by the hospitality students of SRUC Elmwood. The event this year took place in the Fairways Restaurant, Elmwood Golf Course, and was a celebration of Abbie Clunie's fantastic run in Rotary's Young Chef competition. We were privileged to eat Abbie's competition menu - every plate went back to the kitchen scraped clean! Our members and spouses - and Abbie's parents, who were sampling her cooking for the first time - were unsurprised that such skill in selection, cooking and presentation had taken her all the way to the UK Final. Our photograph shows Abbie, flanked by Rotarian and SRUC Elmwood Faculty Leader Rick Bond and President Sandy after the meal. Abbie is clearly delighted with the presentation - a silver cake knife in an engraved case - she received from the Club as our thanks for being such an outstanding ambassador for us and for District 1010.


Dianne presents The Matthew Vase to John Kerr in recognition of his success in captaining the winning team in this year's Charity Golf Competition. Past President Sandy Matthew had gifted the trophy for the foursomes competion that used to be a regular event in our calendar. The presentation took place during our dinner evening at Fairways.

21 May 2013

Guest speaker Alan Blair, a Chartered Engineer from Crieff with wide professional experience gained in the energy industry gave a talk focussed on the topical issue of Renewable Energy. He explained why it is so vital that, against the backdrop of climate change, steps be taken to control and reduce CO2 outputs. He also outlined why future energy needs can best be met through a balanced portfolio of generation outputs and control of energy costs, acknowledging that this requires to be achieved on a global basis.

16 May 2013

The day dawned bright and fair for our annual Charity Golf Day at Elmwood Golf Course. Photographs of the event by roving reporter Monique Sanders.

Enjoying the coffee and bacon rolls before teeing off

Strath 4x4 (here reduced to 2x2) emerged victorious

with this group of youngsters runners-up

The Ladies in Red scooped the Ladies Prize

Cathy ran the raffle with her usual efficiency

And President Sandy thanked everyone for making the day so successful

4 May 2013

This was the first meeting of the committees for Rotary Year 2013/14. It is quite clear that Howe members are ready for another year which looks set to be full of fun. We enjoyed the company of Christopher Paterson, a visitor from Perth, Australia, on this occasion.

7 May 2013

Sophie Eastwood,  Fife Red Squirrel Protection Officer outlined in detail the work of the project which aims to promote and enhance Scotland's red squirrel populations and habitats. One of the strongholds of the red squirrel in Scotland is Ladybank and the nearby areas in N.E. Fife.
Sophie explained how the introduction and accidental spread of the grey squirrel has had such severe consequences for red squirrels because of a virus carried by greys which is terminal for red squirrels.
She explained the steps being taken to try to contain the advance of the grey squirrels including research into various methods of control. It is hoped that funding for a continuation of the work of the project will be forthcoming.

2 May 2013

The conference room at Bell Baxter High School was the venue for our Rotary Lecture on Thursday 2 May. Howe members and spouses were joined by Rotarians from other Fife clubs and invited guests. The Rotary Club of Abertay was also represented, accompanied by two senior pupils from Grove Academy, Broughty Ferry, and Fiona Wells of St Andrews KIlrymont RC came along with ambassadorial scholar Laura Heinrichs.
The lecturer was Rotarian Peter Beutin of the Rotary Club of Rostock. Peter is a Past District Governor of District 1940, which is in the north-east of Germany and covers the States of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg, Berlin and the easternmost part of Schleswig-Holstein. The district extends over an area of about 270 km from the city of Lübeck in the West to the Viadrina (Oder) river which is the border to Poland in the East and from the coastline of the Baltic Sea in the North over 370 km to Saxonia in the South.
Peter was born and bred in the Lüneburger Heide, though his paternal family belongs to a village on the outskirts of Rostock, part of the Soviet Zone of Occupation following World War II and later the German Democratic Republic. He used to visit his grandparents there while a schoolboy, but such visits were no longer possible after he joined the West German armed services.
While most of us were no doubt aware of the existence of two Germanies as a result of the Potsdam Conference, we had little idea of the changes wrought by this enforced separation and the isolation of one section of the population under a totalitarian regime. Peter took us on an illustrated journey from 1918 through the rise to power of the National Socialists, defeat in 1945, the return of democracy to the western part of Germany in 1949, the bringing down of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the subsequent reunification of Germany on 3 October 1990. He spoke of the decision to settle on the land his family had farmed from 1874 and how being a Rotarian enabled him and his wife Barbara more easily to make friends and contacts.
Sandy Green proposed a Vote of Thanks on behalf of the Club and is pictured presenting Peter with a Howe Rotary banner.

30 April 2013

Research Technician,  Denis Bannah, our International visitor from Sierra Leone, visited the club on Tuesday 30 April 2013.. 

While with us, he gave an excellent talk on his work in the Gola Forest National Park, where he monitors and records animals and plants  to assess the forest for endangered species.  State-of-the art technology, including strategically placed cameras, is used for this, as well as the old tried-and-tested method of gathering and examining animal 'pooh!'  Principal threats to indigenous flora and fauna are poaching and mining.

Due to his work, Denis has many international friends, as well as a strong connection to the RSPB in Sandy, Bedfordshire.  In fact, when he leaves Scotland on Thursday, it will be to spend five days in the company of some of those friends. 

In the meantime, Denis leaves behind a whole host of friends at the Rotary Club of the Howe of Fife and St. Andrews, whom he graciously thanked for their hospitality to him.

23 April 2013

Members were amused and delighted by a succession of anecdotes from fellow club member David Jack about his career as a rugby referee at Club and University level, including his experiences at international games.  Amongst his highlights were instances of judicious “sky study”,  the ability to withstand sub-zero temperatures - conditions so bad that players suffered hypothermia!- and the necessary resolve to discipline unruly players in games.

16 April 2013

The Club held its Annual General Meeting.

12 April 2013

President Sandy and Ann, John and Jane Kerr and Monique and John Sanders were present for the Cantamus concert in Auchtermuchty Church Hall last Friday. This was the first outing for the group's digital piano, purchased with a donation from the Club. Cantamus is clearly delighted with its new acquisition and very grateful for our generosity, which was made possible by a couple of individual donations together with a grant from our Benevolent Fund.

Ann Davis gets a demo from Margot Scott

9 April 2013

The speaker for tonight's meeting was unable to come. It was decided just to have an evening of fellowship, as Council and Strategic Planning Committee meetings were planned for afterwards.

2 April 2013

Helping  Malawian Child Burns Victims.

Members awareness of links between Scotland and Malawi were further informed by the presentation by Howard Stevenson, of the North East Fife Rotary Club, until recently a  specialist surgeon at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.
Howard spoke about his work in the Burns Injuries Unit in Blantyre, Malawi, in helping  to build up a burns unit, training staff in dealing with burns injuries and their after care. Healso explained how the expert help of staff members and equipment from the recently closed plastic surgery unit at Bridge of Earn Hospital were sent out and utilised. 
Other achievements included raising the status of the local staff, improved methods of dealing with burns victims, production locally of gauze dressings, teaching skin grafting, training parents to bathe their injured children, and  feeding malnourished children to aid their recovery. One Malawian doctor had also been trained in plastic surgery.
Living conditions, with overcrowding and open fires and stoves, cause horrific child burns injuries, high mortalities due to sepsis, malnutrition and concomitant diseases. An educational group, ReBaS (Reduction of Burns and Scalds in Children) has been formed, to try to raise awareness, through drama and posters, of the dangers of fire. 

Howard reported that the unit had been successful in lowering the mortality rate by some 5%, but that, as soon as the level of funding decreases, the rate unfortunately rises again.  Another problem is the difficulty of rehabilitating victims into village life, where they are often hidden away due to the loss of pigmentation caused by the burns.

Club member Dr. Amanda Fleet, who helps run a project in Malawi for homeless children called Chimewemwe, thanked Howard Stevenson for his talk.


26th March 2013

Dr. Martin Hepworth of NE Fife Rotary Club gave an
enthusiastic presentation on the value of Group Exchange.

22 March 2013

Members will recall that Margaret Watson spoke to us in December about the charity, Mary's Meals. At the instigation of Sandy Green, we were encouraged to donate the cost of one of our missed meetings over the Christmas period to this worthwhile cause, and President Sandy fulfilled this obligation by visiting the newly opened Birchwood Cottage Gallery and Tearoom to give Margaret a cheque for £320.

The tearoom and gallery overlooks St Andrews from Kinkell Braes and is well worth a visit for the stunning views, the artwork on display, and the quality of the welcome and refreshments on offer. All the profits from the tearoom will go to charity, being split between Mary's Meals and an as yet to be decided local charity. Additionally, 10% of the commission from the gallery will go to the same charities.

19 March 2013

President Nominee Bob Henderson spoke to the Club this week of his passion for motorcycles, specifically the pleasure he and son Gary get from an annual pilgrimage to Bushmills, Ulster, for the TT Trials. Our Mother Club was on a Scatter Week, so we were joined for fellowship by President Rennie Ritchie, President Elect Willie Nicol, Past President Vince Fusaro and Assistant Secretary Roy Marsden of the Cupar Club. The 'crack' was most enjoyable.

12 March 2013

To celebrate his milestone 65th birthday, Club Treasurer Charles Dickinson kindly treated members to refreshments, as well as the sight of him blowing out the candles on a stunning  birthday cake, while fellow member Andre Hawryliw looked on. We also enjoyed helping Charles to eat the delicious cake as portions passed round the meeting!

At our meeting on 12 March 2013, Rotarian Andre Hawryliw presented members with a wide-ranging perspective from which to consider next year's anniversary of WW1, based on the tenet that WW1 was the greatest disaster to befall Europe. Few would disagree with that assertion given the catastrophic costs and effects the war had in political, economic and human terms.

Andre pointed out that history constantly revises and changes in the light of new evidence, altered perceptions and fresh interpretations, no more so than when considering the causes and outcomes of WW1. Prior to the outbreak of WW1, Andre maintains, the British and Germans had been natural allies, sharing a Royal family, and with similar institutions and modes of government.

After three years of industrial scale slaughter, with Germany on its knees due to the combined effects of starvation and the Spanish 'flu, Europeans had had enough, and secret peace talks were in progress to end conflict. However, it has been argued that the Americans, thinking that Germany might win, joined hostilities in order to ensure payment for goods and services they had exported during the hostilities. Further, it can be asserted, controversially to some, the entry of the USA to the war was the supreme tragedy of WW1, for it had the effect of prolonging the war, and the terms of the eventual peace treaty laid the foundations for WW2.

Always a decisive speaker, Andre's talk succeeded in prompting a review of knowledge and understanding of this period of European history.

John Bonington proposed the Vote of Thanks.

5 March 2013

Ninian Crichton Stuart, Chairman of the Falkland Estate Trust, introduced the Howe of Fife Rotary Club to the Falkland Centre for Stewardship, a local organisation that aims to reconnect people with the landscape in which they live. These links between people and their landscape environment have been broken by social changes. The Centre aims to reunite and nurture that bond as society continues to evolve. As Ninian put it referring to Falkland, the aim is 'to create a new future for an old place'. The Stuart Kings, whose home and hunting lodge was once at Falkland Palace, maintained the surrounding estate for others then unborn, and their family name derives from the word ‘steward’. The lesser known House of Falkland on the estate also connects to its surroundings, starting with decorative 'Arts and Crafts' interiors, extending out to successive layers of occupancy in the surrounding grounds, and up to the now rarely visited and ruined Temple of Decision on the hillside above. These places fitted into their landscape and were part of it. However, it doesn’t take a big house like these to fit into the landscape. Ninian is himself a great advocate (and owner!) of wooden huts, some of which are manufactured on the Falkland Estate and erected elsewhere. He mentioned that in Norway 1 in 8 people own a woodland hut within 38km of where they live and work. Note that these are not sheds! Rather they are simple sustainable wooden structures in which to relax and to commune with nature. Ninian believes that everyone should have one: a small building where you can relax and connect to the Scottish landscape. Bigger projects in hand by the Centre include a new 2½ acre orchard on Falkland estate to provide local food for local people, whilst new tree plantings along the Coalpit Burn will be mature woodland in 20 years time, replacing the storm damage losses of recent years. Another recent project was the 'Work in the Woods' art display with its wooden sculptures and artistic lighting, proving that these local woods and landscapes can and should be enjoyed by everyone.

26 February 2013


22 February 2013

At the end of a busy week for the Rotary Club of the Howe of Fife, members and their guests foregathered in the Village Inn for our inaugural Foundation Quiz Night. There were 13 teams, and quizmaster Robin Nicolson had everyone working as soon as they arrived and kept things moving smoothly. It was almost as noisy as the Primary Schools Quiz and very entertaining with lots of video clips and quirky questions. At the top end of the marks it was fairly hard fought between four or five teams, but Sandy (Green) and the 'Muchty Golfers just pipped MojoCa (Monique and Cathy) to take the honours.
A total of £300 was raised for the Rotary Foundation, and just as important, a good time was enjoyed by all. Roll on TRF Quiz 2014!

20 February 2013

Excitement was the order of the night as teams from the Howe of Fife primary schools gathered for the annual Rotary Primary School Quiz. After a closely fought contest, Falkland PS emerged victorious for the second year in succession, with Auchtermuchty and Newburgh in second and third places respectively. Congratulations to all the teams who took part and good luck to Falkland in the next round.

19 February 2013

The Annual Joint Meeting of the Rotary Clubs of Cupar, the Howe of Fife and the Inner Wheel Club of Cupar took place at Fairways Restaurant, Elmwood Golf Course. There was a definite buzz about the place as President Sandy welcomed Presidents Rennie and Chris and the Guest of Honour, District Governor Cath Chorley. Sandy also welcomed Stephen Chorley and congratulated him on his recent election to the RIBI Board 2013/14. Grace was given by Bill Inglis. Steve Johnston and the Fairways catering team made us feel very welcome and served up a delicious 2-course meal with choices followed by tea, coffee and mint chocolates. DG Cath spoke eloquently about developments in the wider Rotary world and gave us news about her recent visits, including being present at the northern heat of the District 1010 Young Chef competition in Aberdeen. The winner there was a girl from Madras Academy, so it will be an all-Fife representation for District at the Regional Finals in Newcastle. The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Past District Governor David Rankin.

President Sandy, District Governor Cath, President Chris and President Rennie

12 February 2013

Members enjoyed another visit from Robin Webster, who gave an enthusiastic illustrated talk on the Sea Cadet Corps. The value of this organisation to young people was echoed by Rotarian Roger Guy, who became a Sea Cadet no fewer than 65 years ago. We were impressed by pictures of the Sea Cadet flagship, TS Royalist, though saddened to hear that it is approaching the end of its useful life and will cost over five milllion pounds to replace.

TS Royalist

The Sea Cadets Corps has 400 units in the UK with a membership of 14,000 youngsters between 10 -18 years of age.
The main aims of Sea Cadets are to teach nautical skills, to create a disciplined team and to build individual's confidence; however, Robin emphasised it is not a recruiting agency for the Royal Navy.
The organisation was started in 1854 in Whitstable, by sailors recently returned from the Crimea War, as a way of looking after children orphaned by the conflict. By 1889, Sea Cadets had received Royal recognition, followed by Admiralty recognition in 1919. The organisation provided pre-service training during the World War 2, with George VI acting as Admiral for the Sea Cadets. In the present time, seven off-shore vessels are available for naval and navigational training purposes, as well as a new class of pulling (rowing) boats.
The Sea Cadets are set up by local people and businesses and, of course, rely on volunteers and fund-raising to continue. In Scotland, there are 37 flourishing units. Recently, Tayside and Fife Sea Cadets successfully revived the cadet band. The slides accompanying Robin's talk emphasised the many positive aspects of the organisation.
After a lively question-and-answer session, President Sandy thanked Robin for his illuminating presentation.

5 February 2013

Howe of Fife member Paul Furniss spoke on an arresting subject, Frankland High Security Prison.

A Council meeting followed the main meeting.

29 January 2013

We celebrated the 254th Anniversary of our national bard in fine style. President Sandy welcomed a number of guests, among whom were the President of the Rotary Club of Cupar, and the Presidents of both Howe of Fife Probus Clubs.
Arran Scheach piped in the Haggis, borne by Poosie Nancy, otherwise known as Jane Kerr, who was making her debut in this role. The Selkirk Grace was delivered by Ian Cowie, who had put in a great deal of work organising this enjoyable evening.
Following a delicious meal served by Randy and Kenneth of the Village Inn, the Company set the tone for the Clatter by singing together Scots wha hae, led and accompanied on his accordion by Andrew Kennedy. We then enjoyed a full entertainment schedule, begun by Paul Furniss, who proposed the Immortal Memory with a style and confidence that belied his relative inexperience of Burns Suppers. There were musical interludes either side of Duncan Pickard’s pithy Toast to the Lasses. Margaret Rippin sang John Anderson, my Jo quite delightfully and followed it up with Ca’ the Yowes tae the Knowes, which had us joining in the chorus. Sandy Green’s contribution showed two different facets of Burns with respect to the fair sex. The witty and irreverent Sic a wife as Willie had being juxtaposed with the melancholy Ae fond kiss. Jeanette Guy responded to Duncan’s toast in spirited fashion, while Wilf Cameron heaped well-deserved praise on all those who had made the evening such a success in his Vote of Thanks. After Auld Lang Syne

Each took aff his several way,
Resolv'd tae meet some ither day.


L-R: President Peta (HoF Ladies Probus), President Rennie (RC of Cupar), Poosie Nancy (aka Jane Kerr), President Sandy, Arran Scheach and Charles Dickinson

22 January 2013

Chimwemwe has been in difficulty in recent weeks. Amanda has been very worried about the situation, especially as it has not been easy getting up to date and accurate information, and of course, she has been most concerned for the welfare of the children. The Club discussed ways of addressing the situation, and Secretary David has since written to the President of the Rotary Club of Blantyre asking whether they might be able to offer moral support. We look forward to Amanda’s return from Malawi and hope that she will bring more encouraging news.
Lynne Ogilvie from Fife Shopping and Support Services was present as a guest. She gave us a brief on her organisation and answered some questions from members.

15 January 2013

John Ewan entertained fellow club members with a talk of his experiences as Fife's top traffic cop.The Vote of Thanks was given by Rotarian Bill Inglis, who provided an amusing perspective from the receiving end of the partnership.

8 January 2013

A lively committees night marked the start of 2013 at the Rotary Club of the Howe of Fife.

18 December 2012

Howe of Fife Rotary Christmas dinner enjoyed by over 60 folk; thanks to the Village Inn, Pitlessie, for great festive fare! ‘The Accidentals’, an ‘a capella’ singing group comprising St Andrews University students, was the tuneful and very well received after-dinner entertainment. As Rotarians won’t meet again until 2013, it was agreed to collect and donate subs for the missed meeting to Mary’s Meals (see 11 Dec entry) – each £10 sub would feed a child for a year!

The Accidentals

11 December 2012

Howe Rotarians hear about ‘Mary’s Meals’

Howe Rotarians welcomed Margaret Watson who gave an entertaining presentation on ‘Mary’s Meals’, a Scottish Charity based in the West of Scotland, in operation since 2002. The charity provides meals for 5 – 12 year old children in Central and Eastern Africa, in order to encourage attendance at their nearest educational establishment. The children are supplied with a mug and a spoon which they must remember to keep with them. The meal is served in school once a day: 'No mug - no meal'. . Mothers are co-opted into meal preparation, using eco-friendly wood burning stoves in on-site covered kitchens that double as classrooms in the rainy season. The meals are based on the staple food of the country: for example maize in Malawi, with the addition of vitamins and some vegetables. . As well as feeding the children, the charity also undertakes a type of a shoe box collection, except this one involves donated backpacks, filled with second hand clothes and appropriate school materials, then sent by sea to the various countries for distribution. From the initial activity in 2002, when the charity helped just over 200,000 children, ten years on, Mary's Meals is now supplying in excess of 700,000 children. The presentation concluded with a sobering statistic: to feed a child for a year costs just £10.40 pence, though this figure may vary slightly according to the country. A short question and answer session followed the presentation. The vote of thanks was given by John Bonington on behalf of the club.

4 December 2012

For over 40 years TENOVUS SCOTLAND has supported innovative medical research projects across the full spectrum of medical sciences, within Scottish Universities and Teaching Hospitals. Through the help of private donations, Trusts, legacies and fundraising events, our principal aim is to assist young research staff, who have yet to establish a track record, with small grants to get their research programmes underway. What makes Tenovus Scotland unique is that these ‘Pilot projects’ often attract substantial grants subsequently from the Medical Research Council, Wellcome Trust, etc. This “pump-priming” function is a key aspect of our activities. Without the support of Tenovus Scotland at these crucial early stages, most of these projects would not have seen the light of day.

Professor Peter Howie, former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Dundee University, gave Howe members a talk on the work of Tenovus.

27 November 2012

John Reade, manager of the Eden Brewery at Guardbridge was introduced to the Club by Wilf Cameron. John explained the brewery process, the history of brewing in Fife and - best of all - brought along some samples to taste!

Ale afficianados were delighted to welcome John Reade to speak at last week's meeting of the Howe of Fife Rotary Club.  Many envied him  his job - as manager at the Eden Brewery at Guardbridge, John can combine business with pleasure for he is enthusiastic about both the history and product of brewing.

The Eden Brewey has been established in the former paper mill at Guardbridge -  in a previous incarnation, site of the old Seggie Brewery.  John explained the process of turning raw ingredients into a heady brew; he was also knowledgeable about the extensive history of brewing in Fife, due to its prolific production of malt. Rotarians were able to see how varied is the range of malts, with more than a dozen jars of different flavours and colours on display. To Rotarians' delight, John had also brought along samples of the finished product for Rotarians to try. The dark, heavy porter was declared 'delicious'!

Having supped his ale with gusto, President Sandy Davis thanked John for his fascinating presentation and  joined the rest of the company in raising a glass  to the the Eden Micro-brewery.

19 November 2012

In readiness for their annual pre-Christmas tattie sale, Howe of Fife Rotarians have taken delivery of 10 tonnes of the ever popular Red Rooster potatoes from Albert Bartlett & Sons.  Bartlett's Technical Assistant, Ally Graham, gave Rotarians a hand with the unloading at Rossie Farm.

Due to this year’s bad weather, potatoes are in shorter supply this year, so Howe Rotarians are especially grateful to Albert Bartlett & Sons for their very generous donation.  At £10 per bag, the price remains very competitive.

The team at Rossie Farm taking the strain

14 November 2012

Our annual outing to the Himalayas on St Andrews Links was something of a damp squib, with only four competitors prepared to brave the elements. There was no holding back the enthusiasm in the restaurant of the Links Clubhouse, however, as our photograph clearly shows...

November 13th 2012

The Election of Office Bearers for RY 2013-14 took place at this meeting. The following were duly elected to the posts indicated:
President                   Peter Whyte
President Elect           Bob Henderson
President Nominee    Roger Guy
Treasurer                 Charles Dickinson
Secretary                 David Rankin
Assistant Secretary  Ann Bain
In addition, the President and President Elect were elected as Voting Delegates for RIBI conference 2013.

November 6th 2012

Bell Baxter Rector Phil Black spoke to the Club about the second largest school in Scotland. He emphasised the links that already existed between the School and Rotary, and spoke positively about the single curriculum.


October 30th 2012

Club member John Bonington, who is an accomplished professional artist, entertained members and guests with a talk on a recent sculpture project.
Seven members from our Mother Club, the Rotary Club of Cupar were with us for the meeting, and we joined battle afterwards in the annual Gavel competition. Howe of Fife emerged victorious by 18 points to 14.

October 23rd 2012


October 16th 2012

Scatter Week

Members visited the Rotary Clubs of Anstruther, Burntisland & Kinghorn, Claverhouse, Cupar, Leven, North Fife, Perth Kinnoull, St Andrews Kilrymont and West Fife.

October 9th 2012

Mr Justice Webster

Robin Webster from Glenlomond, near Kinross, gave us an illustrated talk about the island group of Tuvalu, in the South Pacific. Robin, who spent much of his workng life overseas, was Attorney General there in the 1980s.


October 2nd 2012

Members welcomed as their speaker Sheila Page, one of a dedicated group of artists and volunteers who helped turn disused buildings at Ladybank Railway Station into the recently opened Off the Rails Arthouse, a hub for local artists and community groups. In her illustrated talk, Sheila explained the aims and goals of the project.  Carried out under Scotrail's 'Adopt a Station Scheme', the former station master's house and other areas had been transformed into studios and meeting places, a suite of rooms that will provide community learning facilities for art and craft activities, film photography, and community use. It is also hoped that the land adjacent to the building will be developed into a Community garden. Rotarian and artist, John Bonington, who has been involved in the project, welcomed this wonderful new facilty in the heart of the Howe of Fife, in the hope that it would be well used by members of the surrounding community.  President Sandy Davis added his congratulations and praised the hard work and dedication of the team involved in the project.


September 25th 2012

Club member Andy Boddice is an enthusiastic archer. He gave us a fascinating insight into the history of this activity.

September 18th 2012


Five members of the Rotary Club of Leven joined us for this business meeting.

15th September 2013

Members enjoyed a blustery trip up the River Tay to Perth on the good ship Maid of the Tay. At intervals throughout the journey, Captain Dennis Beattie found time to leave the wheelhouse to dispense wine, wit and conviviality amongst all his passengers.
On the return leg, Rotarians were able to watch crews practising their oarsmanship in coble boats near Newburgh; the rowers even had energy enough to exchange cheery waves with the trippers. The town of Newburgh itself is an inspiring site from the water, as it leans backwards and upwards to the hills behind. No wonder at the turn of the last century it was a popular holiday destination. Some may have been disappointed that windy conditions meant a dolphin-spotting trip out to the estuary mouth had to be changed, but all enjoyed the views on either riverbank, as well as the birdlife spotting.  And the sun shone throughout.
Thanks to Dennis and Bronwyn Beattie and their cheery crew members, the charities funds of the Rotary Club of the Howe of Fife will benefit from proceeds from the trip.


September 11th 2012

This year, for the first time, the Rotary Club of the Howe of Fife  turned to Elmwood College to seek a candidate for the Rotary Youth Leadership Award training programme.  Tiffany McNeil was chosen; her talk at last week's meeting showed Rotarians that their confidence in her had been well placed.

Tiffany described the activities she had enjoyed at Abernethey such as gorge walking, rock climbing and raft building, as well as undertaking challenges such as dealing with unexploded bombs.  So well did the team in which she formed a part perform, that it was placed second overall at the end of the week.

Tiffany felt that meeting new people and undertaking different challenges had increased her self-confidence.  She made new friends who now keep in touch on a dedicated Facebook page, started by one of the RYLA candidates. Tiffany hopes to continue at Elmwood College to HND level before eventually going to Abertay University to study Sports Science. President Sandy Davis presented Tiffany with a RYLA achievement certificate and wished her well for the future.

September 4th 2012

District Governor Cath Chorley

DG Cath deputised for her husband, Stephen, and gave us an update on the Rotary Foundation.

August 28th 2012

David Rankin

Webmaster David gave us a quick canter through the Club's new website.

August 26th 2012

Car Treasure Hunt

Six cars took part in last Sunday's Car Treasure Hunt, a thirty mile trail through North East Fife devised  by Rotarian Sandy Green, each vehicle carrying four passengers in line with fuel saving policy. Sandy's rhyming clues led participants to parts of Fife they had never reached before:along winding country lanes, up steep inclines to viewpoints with stunning vistas over the Tay and surrounding countryside. Not only that, but the afternoon was blessed with continuous sunshine. Despite some obscure clues, all  made it safely to the post-treasure hunt barbeque held by  Bob and Fiona Henderson.  At that, Sandy conducted the 'inquest', revealing the answers and the winners. The winning team comprised Charles and Chris Dickinson and Barbara and Duncan Pickard.  A bottle of wine, a 'gold' medal and everyone's undying admiration was the prize. An enjoyable afternoon raised over £100  for the club's charity fund.

The winning Team of Charles Dickinson, Chris Dickinson, Barbara Pickard and Duncan Pickard

August 21st 2012

Committees Night

August 14th 2012

Malcolm Kinross of Tayside police gave us an insight into policing on the A9.

August 7th 2012

Harry Gould, a former history teacher at Bell Baxter, entertained us with tales of his many years taking school pupils on battlefield tours to Europe.

After Harry's talk President Sandy handed over a cheque for £1500 to Macmillan Cancer Support, part of the proceeds from the Clydesdales at Collessie Open Day held recently at Newton of Collessie Farm. Pat Mitchell received the cheque on behalf of chairman of the charity, Sir Robert Spencer-Nairn. Ron Black of Newton of Collessie will  donate a further £500 from the money raised at the open day to the fund for research into Equine Grasss Sickness.

L to R Ronnie Black, Pat Mitchell and President Sandy Davis

August 5th 2012

Play & Plonk at Pitlair

Howe of Fife Rotarians enjoyed their annual Pitlair Play and Plonk last Sunday, courtesy of Chris and Charles Dickinson.  Two teams took part in a closely fought competition that finished with a Welly Wanging; overall winners were members of the Blue team, if anyone was counting. But, by the end of the afternoon, everyone was a winner, thanks to provisions of more strawberries and cream than anyone could shake a stick at. All proceeds will go towards the purchase of a Shelterbox which can provide shelter for up to 8 people in areas of disaster hit countries.

July 31st 2012

Tartan Race Day at Perth Races

July 24th 2012


July 17th 2012

Ambassadorial Scholar

July 10th 2012

Ian Cowie

July 3rd 2012

Duncan Pickard

July 1st 2012

Club BBQ

June 30th 2012

 New President Takes Over

Past President Ann Bain, President Sandy Davis and Assistant Governor Grace Morris

This week's meeting was the Club Assembly and Presidential Handover marking the start of a new Rotary year. The meeting was atttended by Assistant Governor Grace Morris, incoming president Sandy Davis received the chain of office from current president Ann Bain. Before leaving office, Ann's final task was to present the chain of office to Sandy. Ann thanked all Rotarians for their support throughout an enjoyable year and she wished incoming President Sandy well for the year ahead.

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