Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is overseen by a Member appointed by the President for a minimum period of three years. This member reports to the Club through the Club Officers, i.e the President, Immediate Past President, President-Elect, President-Nominee, Secretary and Treasurer.
His main duty is to produce the annual Strategic Plan and present it for approval to the membership at the AGM. In practice, the Strategic Plan is drawn up by the Club Committees. It is simply collated by the Strategic Planning Member and deconflicted from other committees to avoid duplication of effort.
In addition, the Strategic Planner is charged with reviewing the most recent versions of the Standard Rotary Club Constitution and Recommended Rotary Club Bylaws and updating the Club’s Constitution and Bylaws in the light of latest practice.
He is also responsible for reviewing the Club Job Descriptions.

All four policy documents produced by the Strategic Planner are available for logged-in Club members to read on the Members Only page on this website.